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OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course

"I think Eastern Idaho Safety Consultants did a phenomenal job with how they tailored the training to be company specific. They used a lot of real-world experiences and things they have seen that kept our attention. I think what I took away the most from this class is not just the knowledge but how to find the answers. The OSHA book is a beast to navigate through but after this class, it gave me a lot better understanding of how to interpret the text and where to go to find the answers."

- Participant in OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course

"Their method was very helpful to show us real-life examples from our own facilities that demonstrate that we have a long way to go but also that it’s very achievable. I really liked the games we played to keep things interesting and so we paid more attention during the training so we could be ready for the next game. I really appreciated that they took time to answer all of our questions and talk through solutions with us rather than just telling us what to do. Overall, I was very happy with how much I learned and how entertaining it was."

- Participant in OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course

"The biggest thing that stuck out was that one of the first places OSHA will go is to your training documents. It really hit home because I know for myself, if I miss an ECM, I don’t always remember to get caught up. I also didn't know about the OSHA website and what is available as a quick guide or the documents to support training. Finally, if OSHA shows up, we had a conversation with our team about what they to do and who to contact."

- Participant in OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course


"I thought Ed was a great teacher! Very knowledgeable about the subject matter and, very engaging (loved the games). I especially liked the fact that he was willing to answer any of our questions. If he was unsure of the answer, Ed would look it up to make sure we had the correct information."

- Participant in OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course

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